A Letter from the Editor.


I'm so excited that you're here.  I'm also happy to provide a platform for good reads about literature and the arts; How it pertains to culture, society, wellness and enlightenment.  There's something about finding a writer, author, artist, or musician that creates something that makes you feel something and you start digging into all their work hungry for more.  There's something about a work of art that gives you an epiphany and tells a story.  There's something about a well written piece of poetry that can make you experience a sweet stinging nostalgia.  We want to talk about those creatives here.  We want to talk about those pieces here.  We want a space that celebrates those things and this newsletter is where we will do just that.  Poetic Magazine supports creatives, the known, and unknown.  Lets come together and highlight it all here.

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-The Editor

Shatara Liora