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michal wichrzynski.
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thomas litangen.


To be poetic is to be:

expressive, figurative, symbolic, flowery, moving, aesthetic, artistic, tasteful, graceful, elegant, elevated, fine...beautiful.

Poetic Magazine is for the woman in Gaza looking over her city, the man in Nigeria falling in love, a poet in California inspired by the ocean, the writer in Barcelona who has only known heartache.  All are welcome here.  Life is what makes art poetic.

Poetic Magazine was created to showcase artists of all kinds in addition to underrepresented artists not found on large, mainstream publications and platforms.  Statistics show, for example, people from minority and or other ostracized communities are largely missing in historically celebrated art.  We take interest in highlighting these artists and their work to the world.  We also want to highlight artist who thinks outside the box, has created their own lane, and has created breathtaking work.

Our digital magazine is a sacred creative space for exhibiting ones own vision and experiences in various art form.  We celebrate diversity and culture.  We celebrate traditionalists and non traditionalists alike in creativity and do not believe one should conform to what is mainstream if they choose not to.

We review and post submitted photography and art for our digital magazine through the hashtag #poeticmag on Instagram and Tumblr.


Read our submissions page for more deets.



Meet the Team


Shatara Liora

Founder / Curator

Writer + Poet + Therapist


George Nwador

Art Contributor

Creator + Photographer for George World Peace


Alexander Anderson "the poet"


Author of "A Caper in Fabel"


Benji Reid

Art Contributor

 UK Chreo-photolist © extraordinaire


Deidre Shin


Creator of Poetica Skin


Calvin Sims

Art Contributor

Creator of Thinkyart.com

For business inquiries only contact us at: poeticmagazine@gmail.com

(If you have questions about submissions, please visit our Submissions page.)